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About Us

Yan Huang International Kennel

Breeding quality dog is my joy which requires hard work, passion, faith and professional level knowledge, such as genetics, anatomy, locomotion and dog behavior.

Breeding top show dogs is my initial ideal, rewarded with ribbons makes me delightful, followed by winning best in show realized my frist dream in this pruedog world which let me feel thrilled, inspired with sense of achievement, however my pursuit is more than that!

My ideal is to produce irreplaceable, both physically and mentally sound family companions for each family, not only do they excel in the show ring, they have beauty plus brains that bring us joy, warmth and company.

song and chow chow

“The World Would Be A Nicer Place If Everyone Had The Ability To Love Unconditionally As A Dog.” “Such Short Little Lives Our Pets Have To Spend With Us, & They Spend Most Of It Waiting For Us To Come Home Each Day.